Thank you so much for showing interest in the West Fifteenth Ambassador Program!

  • Personalized discount code

  • Earn commissions

  • Opportunity to be featured on @buy.blk social media domains

  • Design and Marketing Opportunities

How do I earn Commission?

You can earn up to 5-15% cash commission on all sales that anyone makes using your unique discount code on

For example, if your friend buys $100 worth of clothes on using your code, you can make $5-$15 depending on Influencer Tier.

You will not receive a commission on your own personal orders from

Is there another way for me to receive commission other than using my code?

Yes. You can also promote your personalized link to which will automatically apply your code during the checkout process. This purchase will go toward your commission. You can find this link on the profile after you log into your ambassador’s account.

What do the best promoters do?

Our top promoters post their codes on all their own social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram stories, Snapchat, etc.) and work it into their posts whenever they give a shout out.

The more you share, the more you can earn. Check out our complete promotion guide for tips on how to promote your code effectively.

Where can I see how much commission I’ve earned?

You will be able to view your accumulated commission on your profile after you log into your ambassador’s account pending account approval.

When can I use my commission and how can I redeem it?


If you have any further questions that haven’t been answered in our FAQs hit us up at