Donell Jones Makes Music Return ‘100% Free’ and Fresh

This album is a genre exploration of his continued message of love, totally FREE

Gifting fans a free 7-track self-produced album inspired and influenced by the pandemic, 100% Free is a testament of freedom, love, and becoming grounded. The legend in his own rights Donell Jones kicks off his 7th studio album with Fresh. Jones sings about elevating and celebrating yourself with intention. It’s a feel-good wake-up anthem for dropping your baggage and changing your attitude to elevate – a fresh mindset, leading in truth, and loving yourself.

“Donell wanted this album to be about all the things we should be freed from — negative thinking, doubt, addiction…”

The smooth lead single, ‘Karma’, is a tale of being fed up and letting go to find yourself. This classic Chicago steppers track is a return to why we all fell in love with Donell in the 90’s. Followed by Deep N2u and Serious, both tracks set the tone for D. Jones to continue his legacy of birthing a nation with his music and sensuality on top of quarantine caused by the current pandemic.

Raised on house music, I Do is a commitment and self-agreement to giving up your fears and learning to trust in love. This track is reminiscent to him growing up in the 80’s wearing Bugle Boy Jeans, and penny loafers with the quarter in them on the South Side of Chicago.

Album titled track 100% Free with an reggae and African-ish undertones, is about people being in crazy spaces in their lives and having to let go to become Kings and Queen and to live authentically 100% Free. Closing out the album with a meditation track, Donell wanted to shed light on the importance of creating centering space closing the album with a peace and the calmness that matches his persona.

The Where You Wanna Be star unafraid of stepping out the box aims to always stay true to himself and his sound by writing from relatable experiences and from the heart. When asked about the current state of RNB, he respectfully enjoys the new lane created by younger artist, “The subject matter can always be a little better by finding clever things to say while saying the same thing without being raunchy.” After a 7 year hiatus from music, 100% Free is a beautiful nod to his hometown of Southside Chicago, self-care, and an affirmation of loving yourself.

100% Free is now available on all streaming platforms and exclusively free for download at Proceed from the album and donations made to his site will be donated to